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Welcome to the Venango County Birds webpage. The page is designed to provide birding information for those of you interested in watching, feeding, or just discussing birds in Venango County, Pennsylvania, and surrounding area.

Venango County is located in northwestern Pennsylvania approximately midway between Erie and Pittsburgh. During the past 35 years, 269 species have been recorded in the county. Based on current available information, records previous to this are scarce.

One goal of this site is to have more local people become actively involved in finding and reporting bird sitings, so your questions, comments, criticisms, and witticisms are welcome. The more communication the better; hopefully we'll all learn something.


The Cornell University Lab of Ornithology sponsors a great way to keep track of your bird sightings and, at the same time, contribute data that can be used by scientific researchers. You can keep a property list, a list for another location you visit often, your life list or pretty much any other list you want. The site keeps track of your entries & allows you to print out yearly, monthly, or weekly reports reports in a variey of ways. For example, after entering the data for your property for a period of time, you can print out a list of all the different birds you sighted on your property during that period, the highest number of each species you reported, the number of days during the month or year you reported a robin, etc. And, it's easy to enter the data. Just keep track of what you see and the highest number seen at any one time during the day, enter that number into the data sheet eBird provides, save it, and you're done. The name of the site is eBird PA and it can be accessed at: eBird PA You'll need to sign up & enter your own password before starting but, after that, it's pretty easy. If you have problems, email me, I'll be glad to help.


The Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology has published a great list of the Pennsylvania's top birding sites by county. Visit their web page at Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology and click on Birding Locations on the left hand side. You'll find what you're looking for.


Photo 1.

Photo 2.


Photo 1 is a Horned Lark photographed Jan 5 at Rhoades Farm, about 150 yards from the Venango County parking lot.

Photo 2 is an American Pipit photographed at Rhoades Farm.


Please consider joining us at an upcoming meeting or field trip. Good times are had by all.

The next meeting is March 11, 6:30 p.m. in the basement of the Clarion Public Library. Please check the Seneca Rocks web site for additional informationSeneca Rock Audubon Society website

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Date Species Location Comment
Jan 20 Eastern Bluebird Oil City 1 checking birdhouse - Nick & Meg
Jan 23 Gray Catbird Oil Creek State Park 1 - Jeff Hall
Feb 9 Common Redpoll Oil City 1 - Nick and Meg K
Feb 11 Long-tailed Duck Allegheny River, Oil City 1 - Russ States
Feb 18 Mute Swan Allegheny River, Eagle Rock 2 - Gary and Russ
Feb 25 White-winged Scoter Allegheny River, Bike Trail 1 - Gary and Russ


Following is a link to the 2015 Species List, now standing at 58, updated February 25, 2015. 2015 Species List

Help Wanted!

I'm in the process of gathering information for a book on the Birds of Venango County and the more people contributing information, the better. Currently, five of us gather information on a regular basis and a few more contribute periodically. We would welcome your input. Birding experience is helpful but anyone from feeder watchers, to hunters, to bike trail enthusiasts, etc. can join in.

Jeff Hall, Michael Leahy, Nick and Meg Kolodick, Jerry Stanley, Kathie Goodblood, Russ States, Nancy Baker, Jim Wilson

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