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Affiliate Purchase Program
HP LaserJet and Inkjet Printers
Prices Change often - Please Inquire
Network Laser Printers Printer Price   *Cable *Installation
 1-25 Users
LaserJet P3015DN Request Pricing $6.00 $25.00  
LaserJet M602N Request Pricing $6.00 $25.00  
LaserJet M712N Request Pricing   $6.00 $25.00  

Network Color Laser Printers
Color LaserJet Enterprise M551N

Request Pricing

  $6.00 $25.00  
Color LaserJet CP4025N

Request Pricing

  $6.00 $25.00  

Laser Printers
LaserJet PRO 400 M401DNE

Request Pricing

$6.00 $10.00  
LaserJet P3015N Request Pricing   $6.00 $10.00  

If you are looking for a printer that uses a Parallel Port,
please contact us for pricing and model information.

Explanation of printer model letter codes
(These codes are located at the end of the model number)
Printers with an N are network ready
Printers with a T have an extra paper tray
Printers with a D will handle duplexing

For pr
inters that do not have any letters after the model
number they may  still still have the an option to be made
network ready or to add
add an extra paper tray

*Cable: The cable will be a 6' USB cable for non-networked printers. The cable for networked printers is a 10' RJ45 network cable. If you purchase a network printer and install onto a computer directly, please use the 6' USB cable. If you need a longer length cable - please notify purchasing at the time of the order. (15' USB printer cable for non-networked printers is $18.00.)

*Installation of printers:

Networked Printers:
Networked Lasers 1 to 25 clients $25.00
Networked Lasers 25 + clients $50.00
Installation of Non-Networked Printers:
Non Networked Lasers    $10.00

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