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Outlook Express 5.x

How do I check/change my settings?
Open Outlook
Click on the tab that says MAIL
In the box it should say mail.csonline.net or csonline
Click on the PROPERTIES
Enter your name, email address and a organization if you want
Click on the SERVERS tab at the top
Set the incoming mail server type to POP3 with server name "mail.csonline.net" and set the outgoing (SMTP) server to "smtp.csonline.net".
Enter the first part of your email address for the account name

How do I filter out un-wanted mail from a certain sender?
Open Outlook
Go to your inbox
Click on the message from the person that you would like to block

How do I use multiple mail boxes?
[Outlook Express 5 allows the creation of Multiple Identities. This allows separation of multiple email accounts by selecting any existing identity.]

To create a new identity in Outlook Express 5 go to:
Enter a name for the new identity (for instance Bob's Mail), then click OK.
You will then be prompted with 'Identity Added', do you want to switch to 'new identity now? Yes/NO'
Click YES. You will then be guided through a configuration 
wizard, enter the information and remember; the POP3 and SMTP servers will be the same 'mail.csonline.net'.

Click on FILE/FOLDER/NEW A window will the come up asking for a name, you can name the folder what ever you would like (Bob's Mail for instance), then select the folder in which to create it. 

This section is divided into 3 different sections:
1> 'Select the conditions for your rule', in this case you want to select: 
'Where the TO line contains people'
2> 'Select the actions for your rule', in this case you want to select:
'Copy it to the specified folder'. In the third window you will see,
'Apply this rule after the message arrives copy it to the specified folder'
You will notice that the word 'specified' is in blue, if you click on this, you will then have the option to select the new folder you created in which you want your mail to be directed to.


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